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What is Sun Basket All About?

Justine Kelly began Sun Basket in 2014 after the award-winning chef saw a need for healthy, nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals in the homes of her fellow comrades. The chef joined forces with Adam Zbar and began planning and strategizing their meal kit delivery service. Based in San Francisco, the company quickly rose to the top and is now one of the most recognized delivery services in the U.S. Read full article about the pair and how they began and you will be inspired to join.

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But exactly what is a meal kit delivery service, you ask? Each week, specially designed kits are brought to your doorstep. These kits contain the recipes for the foods that you’ve selected as well as each ingredient needed to prepare the meal. All of the ingredients are chopped and measured, ready to go into the pot. And, you won’t spend more than 30-minutes preparing these meals in the kitchen. You’re free to order only the number of meals that you want. And, thanks to the availability of money-saving discounts, it is easy to get started for less money. Read full article and take advantage of the deeply discounted offers that are out there.

Sun Basket offers your choice of two programs. The Classic is the most popular box for individuals. Many people use the plan to provide themselves with a few healthy meals a week. The Family box includes more meals and is great when there are several people in your family. No matter which of the two programs you choose, you’re free to pick from more than 18 weekly meal plans. Each is affordable and contains only high-quality, farm fresh sustainable foods. These ingredients taste better than anything you’d ever find at the local supermarket.

If you are excited about the opportunity to prepare fresh meals using fresh ingredients without all of the hassle that you encounter when preparing traditional meals, it is time to check out these meal kit programs and choose the one that is best suited for you. We think that you’ll agree that Sun Basket is one of the best. They do things differently than the other guys and ensure that you get the freshest recipes that keep your menu exciting.