llece Plumbing What Color is Your Water?

What Color is Your Water?

If your water is clear, it probably signals a sense of worry. After all, rainbows are best outside in the sky, not coming from the faucets in your home. Unfortunately, discolored water happens for a variety of reasons. When it occurs, it is usually sign to pick up the phone and call Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing.


Discolored water coming out of the pipes in your home could mean a lot of different things. When you call Toronto’s Absolute Draining & Plumbing, you can get experts on the job who understand what these colors mean to you and the right remedies to treat the problems.

If black water is coming out of your faucets, the cause is likely mineral deposits. Magnesium is one of several minerals that turns black when it is mixed with oxygen. Although it is harmless, it is very scary to see black water coming from the taps and is something that you should call a plumber to repair. Installing a water filtration system is one of the easiest ways to alleviate this problem.

Yellow water is one of the most commonly noted discolorations homeowners see. Yellow Water is caused by rusty pipes. Although this is not cause for concern to your health, it can cause staining on your clothing, fading, and even spots on your dishes.

Pink water is seen in some homes. The cause is oftentimes potassium permanganate a chemical used to oxidize the iron and manganese in the water. Pink water is not dangerous to drink but is pretty to look at. Nonetheless, if you are like most people and still prefer the clear water that you trust, call a plumber.

Green water is caused most often by algae buildup in the pipes in your home and is usually not a cause for concern. Brown water is a sign that sewage water is seeping into the water supply. Do not wait a second longer to contact a plumbing company to repair this problem and avoid using the water until this happens.

Old pipes cause water to turn a teal color. This is especially common in homes that are outfitted with copper pipes. The color is due to staining as it passes through the pipes and could very well be poisonous if it is consumed. A total pipe replacement is the best way to treat this problem.